Calmare Candles uses the highest quality ingredients and raw materials available.


The type and quality of wax used in candle making makes a huge difference in the overall appearance, hot throw and burn quality of a candle. We have chosen to use a natural soy based wax that is superior in its strength of scent. It is:

  • 100% vegetable
  • Non toxic
  • All natural and biodegradable from a renewable source; soy beans
  • Clean burning
  • Contains no petroleum, paraffin or palm wax
  • Easily cleaned from floors, upholstery and carpets with hot soapy water

Scented oils:

The oils used in our candles are hand selected by me for their quality and strength of scent throw. A combination of essential oils and cosmetic grade fragrance oils are used to scent the soy wax. 


Wicking a candle is one of the most important things in producing a candle that burns correctly. We use all cotton, lead-free wicks in our candles that produce a reliable, clean burn and use all the wax in the jar.