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Eco Collection


Our Eco Collection is a range of 200g soy wax candles designed to give our customers choice to purchase an eco friendly candle. A simple, recyclable glass jar that can also be refilled in your favourite scent and used again. It has no excess packaging but is still presented beautifully with attention to detail and individually hand poured. With a screw top lid and dishwasher safe these jars can also be reused in the kitchen, pantry or for many other purposes. 

  • 7.8cm tall
  • 8.9cm diameter at the widest point
  • 7.1cm across the jar opening

FOR REFILL – Jars must be returned clean. The best way to do this is to scrape out the remaining wax and discard. Soak jar in hot, soapy water. An edge of a spoon will help remove the wick bases. For final clean you can wash your jar in the dishwasher. Return your clean jar to 76 Singles Ridge Rd, Winmalee NSW 2777, pop it in to me at the markets or from your retail place of purchase. Purchase your refill online or when you drop your jar off.