Parklane Candle *SALE*

ON SALE $15ea

150g soy wax candle with stunning black etched pattern on the outside with a rose gold inner. Light shines through the pattern when lit radiating a soft glow. Includes a black lid, black gift box and candle care instructions. Definitely a statement piece. Can be reused by placing a tealight inside the jar.

Please note these candles are a slow burn. They will take around 2hrs (maybe more, maybe less) to fully melt evenly across the top, depending on the fragrance. You must burn candles until all the wax is melted to the edges. It it recommended to burn your candle no longer than 3hrs.

CANDLE CARE - Must be carried out for optimum burn

- ALWAYS burn your candle long enough for all the wax to melt across the top to the sides of the jar.

- Trim the balls off the top of the wick before lighting each time.

- Do not burn any longer than 3hrs.