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The Gypsy Collection embodies bohemian life, romance and adventure. Each scent is full of body and evokes feelings of good times, laughter, love and nostalgia. Our melts contain 6 squares of soy wax that can be broken up individually and used on an as needs basis. Add one square at a time to your melt burner to fragrance your room.

Available in melts, 50g & 400g Candles and Reed Diffusers

Available in four scents:

Aphrodite: Neroli & Ylang Ylang - Ylang Ylang is known for its mood enhancing and aphrodisiac properties. This is a beautiful floral combination of neroli petals and ylang ylang blossoms with a hint of tuberose and citrus for freshness. If you need an uplifting and relaxing aroma then this scent is for you.

Bohemian Nights: French bubbles & Strawberries - fresh, juicy raspberries and strawberries are combined with French bubbles and a hint of rose. Imagine balmy nights out with the girls.

Free Spirited: Vanilla, Patchouli & Sandalwood - A woody, earthy scent with base notes of sandalwood and patchouli. Hints of vanilla, musk and bergamot finish this intriguing scent. If you love scents heavy with patchouli than this is for you. A truly free spirited scent.

Spellbound: Musk & Amber - A beautiful combination of sensual musk and warming amber with hints of lavender and vanilla. An absolutely magical scent.

Please note our melts work best in tea light burners. Some electric burners do not get hot enough to melt the wax completely leading to less than desired strength of scent.


- ALWAYS burn your melt in a safe place away from children, pets, draughts and direct sunlight.

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